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Publish Online with The Documents Guy - How It Works

The Documents Guy publishing system is mature and robust. It scales up or down so it can handle any publishing project to enable you to get your documents online quickly and maintain them easily. This online publishing system has been in development since 2003 and continuous use since 2005. The Documents Guy continues to refine the processes and experiment with new tools. The system is designed so that once set up and configured, you and your staff need only enter and modify your content as required. The online published output takes care of itself.

The publishing system uses a combination of free and open source software tools to create, maintain and present dynamic online documents to users over the Internet. If you don't know what dynamic content is don't worry, it's explained fully on another page. The Documents Guy installs and configures the software. However, anyone knowledgeable in PHP and MySQL can manage or modify the system afterwards so you don't have to keep paying The Documents Guy to maintain it.

You maintain your online documents in a database on your web server so they're always under your direct control. You enter your documents through any web browser so you don't have to install and learn to use any special software. If you can fill in a webform, you already know all you need to know. Your documents are viewed in a web browser and displayed in whatever format you want.

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