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Publish Online with The Documents Guy - Resume/CV Builder

This demo enables you to compose a resume or CV. While this is a demo of what you can do with The Documents Guy online publishing system, you will create a real resume or CV! You will be able to create your own resume or CV, print it, download it for attaching to emails. Your data remains confidential and only you can access it. This service is free, no strings attached!

First open the Source for this demo. The link opens a new window. Keep this window open for reference as it contains an explanation and instructions.

Next take a look at the Frontend. Here you will see some sample resumes and CV. You will also see a text entry field where you can enter the Resume/CV Code of your document to view it.

If you have not yet registered, you must first Register as a new user in order to use this demo and create your own resume or CV. Registration is necessary to enable the system to maintain the confidentiality of your data. Once you register, you can only view and edit the documents you create. The same is true for other users. You can't see their documents and they can't see yours.

If you have already registered open the Backend. Click through the Start screen to the login form.

Refer to the Source for an explanation and instructions for composing your resume or CV. You can compose as many as you like. After you have finished using the backend, please logout by selecting the "logout" link in the upper right corner of the screen. Then close each of the popup windows.

To get started with your dynamic online publishing project Contact Me.