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Publish Online with The Documents Guy - Project Scope

To get started you first establish the scope of your project. That simply means you must determine what content you want to publish online and how you want it to look to users. This process includes an inventory of existing documents and their suitability for use in the online publishing project as well as consideration of additional required resources. Once you determine the scope for your project, you can establish your budget and timeline for completion. Larger projects should also include periodic milestones.

Once the scope of your project is established The Documents Guy installs the necessary software on your web server to enable you to get your documents online quickly and maintain them easily. Once the Internet frontend where users will view your documents is configured, you can then begin to enter your document content. If you must include legacy or other documents composed in proprietary word processors The Documents Guy can advise or assist in converting them to usable format.

That's really all there is to it. Of course, The Documents Guy is available for continuing support if you decide to change things or create additional dynamic online documents. The Documents Guy will even enter your data if you and your staff don't have the time.

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