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Publish Online with The Documents Guy - Demo #1

This demo illustrates a very simple procedure to add document content by selecting items from dropdown lists. In many document scenarios making selections from dropdown lists can facilitate much of the data entry process. First open the Source for this demo. The link opens a new window. Keep this window open for reference to the assignment procedures.

Next take a look at the Frontend. This displays an alphabetical list of several classical Greek and Roman authors. When you select an author a list of writings by that author displays. Your assignment for this demo is to add another document to Aristotle's list of writings.

Now open the Backend. Click through the Start screen to the login form.

Xataface opens in "List Display" mode, showing you a graphic representation of the database records. Although you can view all existing records, you can only edit or delete records that you add. Refer to the Source for instructions for adding a document to Aristotle's list of writings.

After you have finished using the backend, please logout by selecting the "logout" link in the upper right corner of the screen. Then close each of the popup windows. Advance to Demo #2.

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