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Publish Online with The Documents Guy - Demos

This website itself is the main demo. The pages you are viewing are the frontend display of a dynamic document generated by The Documents Guy online publishing system. The pages consist of both visible and nonvisible static and dynamic components.

The visible static components are the graphic files on each page. Nonvisible static components consist of header, stylesheet, Javascript and query files. The header file contains HTML scripting to tell the browser where to find the static components; the stylesheet file formats and styles the displayed pages; and the Javascript file controls the popup windows.

The visible dynamic components are displayed in the menu to the right, this main body of text, and a footer which displays a copyright notice which is dynamically updated by a small PHP script. Dynamic components are stored as records in a MySQL database. The horizontal tabs directly above this text area are composed by the interaction of a CSS file and a PHP script that identifies each page as it's displayed. A single nonvisible query file assembles the static and dynamic components into the requested page. The requested page is then displayed in the browser.

Don't worry, you don't have to understand any of this to use the publishing system. To get an idea of how this works try the demos. Each demo illustrates a specific procedure for adding dynamic data and builds on those preceding. So it's a good idea to start with Demo #1.

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