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Publish Online with The Documents Guy - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I manage your system myself?
  • Once installed and configured, The Documents Guy online publishing system normally requires no administration.

  • Generally, once the system is set up and configured, The Documents Guy can make modifications to the types of data or the overall formatting of the display quickly at minimal expense to you. Extensive modifications may be more effectively implemented by installing another document.

  • Alternatively, The Documents Guy can teach you or one or more of your staff the specific things you need to know to modify the system or to replicate it for other projects. Training is not included in the project fee but can be accommodated as a separate project or based on an hourly fee, whichever you prefer.

  • The various scripts that build and format the frontend display include sufficient documentation so that anyone knowledgeable in PHP and MySQL can determine how to change the appearance and/or output.
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