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What factors affect the design and development costs?
  • The biggest single factor is determining the best way to store your data in the database to facilitate its display in the frontend. This is determined by the nature of your data and your specific requirements for displaying it.

  • If the nature of your data necessitates multiple database tables or multiple databases, integrating the data from these various sources is more complicated. This affects both the backend and frontend.

  • Backend development costs are directly related to how many and what different types of data entry you need and how sophisticated your authentication must be. For example, dropdown lists require more work than text fields since they require adding the data that appears in the lists of selections. Having multiple users with different backend permissions requires more work to set up.

  • Frontend development costs are determined by a number of issues including overall page design, inclusion of graphics and other static components, and how and what specific dynamic content is to be included.
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