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Publish Online with The Documents Guy - Dynamic Content

Dynamic content consists of data and information extracted from database records or interactive scripts and composed on demand into HTML web pages viewable in a browser. Static content consists of information hard coded into individual web pages or components of web pages.

Business and professional documents and web sites might contain hundreds or even thousands of individual pages, so presenting that documentation by querying a database with a few scripts offers significant advantages over maintaining hundreds or even thousands of individual HTML files. The savings in time and effort required to keep your documents up-to-date can be enormous.

Dynamic processing is used primarily, but not exclusively, when the quantity of content is large and it is going to change from time to time or even frequently, and/or when the displayed output must vary based on user input. Once the frontend, or display side, is set up the only further maintenance is done on the backend. When database records are added, deleted or modified, those changes are automatically passed to the frontend display, which is composed only when a user activates a script to display data.

Managing online documents dynamically eliminates the tedious work of editing static files entirely. After a dozen or so pages, maintaining static files becomes so much work that many businesses and individuals either give up or pay big fees to web designers to do it for them. In fact, adding and modifying your content dynamically becomes fun, not a chore to be avoided as long as possible.

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