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Publish Online with The Documents Guy - Open Source

The Documents Guy online publishing system uses an assortment of free and open source software tools. These include:
  • MySQL - the world's most widely-used database
  • phpMyAdmin - designed to administer MySQL over the Internet
  • Xataface - a customizable user interface on top of MySQL
  • PHP - a widely-used server-side scripting language
  • Sphider - a web spider and search engine
  • eXtplorer - a web file manager
  • Single File PHP Gallery - a web gallery browser
  • VideoJS - a multibrowser compatible media player
  • Fade-In Slideshow - a jQuery + jQuery Cycle Plugin to create slideshows with multiple transition effects
MySQL stores the dynamic content of your documents. phpMyAdmin is used to set up and maintain the database according to your document requirements. Xataface enables you and your staff to enter your content into the database without knowing anything about MySQL or how it works. Xataface presents a 100% customizable web form. This means you don't have to adapt to the tool, it adapts to you.

PHP interacts with the database to select and display your data on demand as the user navigates the pages of your documents. In addition, open standards based Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) defines the format and style of the display and Javascript and jQuery enable user interaction and special effects, including Lightbox2 for image galleries. When warranted by the quantity of data, Sphider indexes and searches your documents. eXtplorer enables you to manage files associated with your web site. Single File PHP Gallery enables you to browse your image folders. VideoJS enables you to display media content in multiple formats compatible with all modern browsers on all operating systems. And Fade-In Slideshow enables you to create stunning slide shows.

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