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Publish Online with The Documents Guy - Hosting

The Documents Guy online publishing system is designed specifically for the LAMP stack. That means the Linux operating system, the Apache webserver, the MySQL database, and the PHP, Perl and Python languages. This is the most common configuration available from Internet hosting services. In addition, cPanel is the preferred hosting environment.

The Documents Guy does not support proprietary servers. You can still use the publishing system by hosting it with any Internet hosting service using the LAMP stack. Most of them do, so this should not be an issue. Even on a shared server, your documents are always set up such that only you have access to the maintenance backend. In addition, if you intend your documents for internal use only, the frontend display can be denied to other Internet users.

Internet hosting services offering full LAMP support for all the required open source software tools, including cPanel, can be had for less than US$150 per year. Don't know where to find such a hosting service? The Documents Guy can help with that. Because of the system requirements and because the cost is minimal, it is always recommended that the publishing system be installed on its own server. If necessary, you can easily link to the documentation server from any other server seamlessly. Haven't yet registered a domain name? Not a problem, The Documents Guy can help you do that, too.

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