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Costly proprietary databases and management tools are no longer required to create and maintain dynamic online content. Nor must you lock yourself into proprietary software, continuing maintenance and upgrade costs or dependence on one company, which may or may not meet your needs, or even be in business down the road.

Instead, a worldwide network of programmers have collaborated to produce free and open source software tools that have revolutionized the dynamic delivery of online content. These tools make it feasible for small and medium sized businesses to participate in online marketing and business-to-business activites previously denied by the cost of entry.

You pay only for implementation: installation, configuration and data entry. If you can do it yourself, great! You don't need The Documents Guy or anyone else. But without documentation or IT staff to do the work, great open source tools won't help you.

The Documents Guy can act as your temporary IT staff to install and configure the tools you need to produce dynamic online content at a fraction of the cost of using proprietary software. And since you only need these services upon demand The Documents Guy will cost you far less than hiring additional staff to do the same work.

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