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Publish Online with The Documents Guy - About The Documents Guy

As an independent consultant, in 1996 The Documents Guy became the documentation manager for The Ideal Computer Group in Vancouver. For several years he produced hard copy user manuals and inhouse procedure guides and built an online manual using static HTML and PDF files. This company had two hard copy software manuals, one running to over 1500 pages and the other to nearly 1000! Finally, the company decided that publishing books was no longer feasible and asked The Documents Guy to investigate alternatives.

The Documents Guy was tasked to find or develop an open source based publishing system that enabled the company to get its documents online quickly and maintain them easily. The results are the publishing system described here utilizing open source tools to produce dynamic online documents. The Documents Guy has been working with this system continuously since 2003, refining the processes and experimenting with different tools. The two Ideal software manuals became three manuals and have been online since 2005. Later, The Documents Guy converted the company's static website.

As a small business owner, The Documents Guy knows the challenges faced by small and medium sized businesses to publish and distribute documents. He knows your documentation and IT resources are likely limited or non-existent. He developed this dynamic online publishing system to make it feasible for you with limited staff and fiscal resources, and minimal computer expertise, to create and maintain decent online documentation. Whatever your document requirements might be, this publishing system was designed to work for you.

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