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Publish Online with The Documents Guy - Turnkey Systems

The Documents Guy dynamic publishing system is not a turnkey solution. Although after you start using it you will probably think it is. While The Documents Guy system uses freely available open source tools, the various software components must be integrated and configured to suit your specific requirements. This can be a little or a lot of work. Yet, in the long run it will cost less to customize The Documents Guy system to exactly whatever you want and need, than to struggle with limitations or ongoing administration imposed on you and your staff by packaged software or preconfigured systems.

Because the various components of other systems are already integrated in a certain manner, you must adapt to the system. Typically, you must learn to use multiple input tools and the procedures peculiar to each. Customization is limited unless you alter the underlying code of the application. To do that you have to hire a programmer and afterwards you will have a system that is no longer supported by the original package designers.

Such turnkey systems may offer multiple templates to format your output display, but frequently the types of data and ways they can be displayed are limited. To create your own customized template to display your data the way you want to display it, you must learn to use yet another software tool or even learn a complex templating language.

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